The Mindful Mission Our goals and visions

Mindful Scientific is an early-stage medical device company focused on brain health. The company is building diagnostic, monitoring and management solutions for concussion, brain injury and neurologic/neurodegenerative diseases.


Mindful Scientific was founded to bring solutions from the laboratory to where they are needed most, the patients. The company’s solutions aim to solve major issues in the diagnosis and management of concussion, major brain-injury, and other disorders of consciousness.  These are high-impact areas in which few tools are available. The HCS prototype been genericos de cialis deployed across North America, testing patients with concussion and severe brain injury.  Our goal is to revolutionize the way that brain injury is currently assessed.


Currently, there is a critical unmet medical need to quickly and accurately assess whether the brain is functioning normally, or if it is impaired, in individuals who have a suspected bästa casino sidan concussion or brain injury. The current approaches for measuring consciousness, such as the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), are highly inaccurate and extremely subjective.  They rely on behavioural responses from the patient but the brain and behaviour are tightly linked so as soon as the brain incurs an injury, the very thing that is being measured is inadvertently compromised. Mindful Scientific recognized this flaw and developed a solution, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS), which bypasses this problem by measuring neural responses instead of relying on behavioural responses.